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iPass Improving K-12 Education Through Software  2022-2023  

Please note that you will need your child's Student ID number when entering information on this page. Due to reasons of confidentiality and security, Student ID numbers will not be provided through email or telephone. Please check with your child to obtain their Student ID number from their current classroom/course schedule or obtain this information from a past report card.
Please read the information below before applying for on-line access.
  • All fields indicated with an asterisk are required.
  • You must enter your own username and password. The school does not maintain this information. It is beneficial that you keep your original password written down in a safe place. This is done to maintain a high level of security. Your password is your property and your responsibility.
  • Please understand that the application process does not instantly provide you with on-line access. You should periodically log into iparent using your userId and password. The school may require additional information and/or that a parent/guardian visit the school in person prior to final approval.
By applying for on-line access you agree to the following Acceptable Use Guidelines.
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Your comments, questions, and concerns are welcome [email protected]
Please register all students at the same time.
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